How can I attract a wide variety of birds to my garden?

Thursday 4th April 2019

It is possible to create a garden environment to attract a wide variety of birds. The addition of certain features and maximising certain areas that are already accessible to birds will support the arrival of a broad range of birds. Some suggestions for attracting birds are;

  • Have some long-grassed areas to encourage the growth of grasshopper and beetle habitats
  • A compost heap will provide vegetation, worms and grubs
  • Fruit trees
  • Hedges for nuts and berries
  • Mown areas for Blackbirds and Thrushes to forage for worms
  • Plants and shrubs for insect and spider habitats
  • Ponds for a range of insects and water to drink
  • A feeding station with a variety of feeders
  • Terrace area or a tray for ground feeding birds